Template Design

Choose from one of our free email templates, or work with our team to custom build a unique design, tailor made to match your brand, image and website. We believe every client is unique, and we will consult with you to ensure you find the template best suited to your needs. Once created, it’s yours to reuse indefinitely each time you send out a newsletter or email campaign using our software. We will give you direction throughout the entire process, not only guiding you through the editing of your template, but also helping you to manage your database.

Social & Paid Media Campaigns

Social sharing is an excellent way to extend the reach of your email beyond the number of subscribers in your database. Our custom email templates are designed with social sharing in mind. Looking for guidance on other social media campaigns? We can also help you build your digital strategy to market your company on social networks. Our Company can also set up and manage paid search advertising for your company on all the top search engines. Ensuring your products and services are visible to a global audience.




Our goal is to work closely with and train our clients so that in time, they can eventually create their own campaigns. We will ensure you have the knowledge required to achieve your goals. In the process you’ll learn all the trade secrets we’ve spent years perfecting.

Pay-As-You-Go plans from as little as $15 per send.

Custom template creation for $450 per design.

High volume senders can prepay & save.

Free trial on sends of up to 5 emails.

Please Contact Us for proposals on social media and other digital marketing initiatives.

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